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Sims 4 nude female mod

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Freckles are greyscale if I remember correctly, so if you don't want the game coloring them for you you should probably clone one of the moles instead.

Anonymous January 27, at 6: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. If you still have the problem, post back here with a list of my packages you're using and your game version. Sexy girls in sexy yoga pants. I'm glad your mod still works in Sims 2 but having difficulties getting nude females Sims in 4.

Sims 4 nude female mod

Do you think it is possible to add genitals for male children? Did you reset your sim's bathing outfit and get a message confirming it was reset? I downloaded the male penis bottom nude in CAS, deleted every other nudity related mod, tried running the game without CC except yours, and still my male sims have barbie bottoms. Sims 4 nude female mod. Please explain what you mean. All of the nude mods I've seen require me to pay or subscribe. For freckle recolors you should probably use Sims 4 Studio. I was looking at the newest beta of the Sims 4 Studio, version 2.

Unknown August 29, at 6: Can anyone help me? Anonymous August 1, at 8: And if not, have you seen one for TS4 anywhere? Anonymous June 26, at If you have any previous versions of the penis, nipples, or Nude in CAS, remove them!

I use Photoshop with a. Are you SURE you removed all previous versions of my mods, all nude clothing mods, and any other default replacement penis mods? It is certainly possible, but probably not from me. Please use the Sims 4 Anatomy mod available on this site instead! The other colors work correctly. Lianna grethel nude pics. Sorry my english is not so good!! But in the package that contained the base textures there were 50 textures.

I hate the pixelation. Includes both my skins. Merge with the black layer and copy that merged layer to your alpha channel and delete the original from your layers of course. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sims4ForumSep 14,

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Anonymous July 14, at 1: I hope this helps. Anonymous June 23, at 8: For me, the program reports an error when unpacking. Nude women giving handjobs. I don't know - that discoloration looks like some kind of overlay applied to the nude outfit.

The process is similar to the process above, except that it is an overlay so you only have to do it once. Sims 4 nude female mod. I downloaded the mod from the http: I have the following problem, when I turn on my sleeping dress I can see the penis. Anonymous April 17, at 4: If I put her in her "Nude 1" outfit she has male parts, but if I select "Change Sim" in a mirror and deselect all her clothing, she's got a female bottom.

Just hope I can get it back to normal: If you've tried all my suggestions and it still isn't working, something I don't understand must be causing it and I can't help. Nude Dress Mar 28, by MadameChvlr. To be fair, I didn't have any mods before downloading yours and the NoMosaic. Great work and keep up the good job! There's also the S4CC tag on tumblr for more decoration type custom content.

Looking forward to an eventual hard penis with resize sliders for WhickedWhims oh yes! I had to test individually to see why my female sims would bathe in EA outfits but shower nude.

For this you can use Sims 4 Studio. You should never, ever pay for player made custom content on this game series. Big black tits porn pics. If you folks have requests for features that you would like to see in a replacement skin, I would be happy to hear them.

Anonymous January 27, at 6: I really have no idea. Anonymous December 3, at 4: This is a problem with the site or your browser. Hi Cmar, everytime I try to use your new mod, my sims just miss his legs, it is strange, if I remove they clotes the legs just vanish, idk what to do now.

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This ok for males but the females wear always their underwears. I am hoping someone makes some pubes for my dames as well. Fems still don't have any nipple shades. Michel June 16, at

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Xxx sexy 3gp video I just would like to find some good female skins using the standard colors that you can pick and choose which you use. I recently downloaded a realistic skin mod, but haven't been using it for long, so I can't report if there are any bugs, but so far so good!
Naked sexy photos of women And I'm assuming you're patched up to date have the June patch , right? We use cookies on this site to give you the best experience possible. All the game folders will be recreated.
CATHY RIGBY NAKED I use this mod all the time but since the June unisex update when I click 'x' on my male top, his whole upper body goes invisible! Male Sim works fine in CAS and game, with penis. So I wonder is it possible to do the same thing with Female Pubic Hair?

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