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Jimmy Page never loved any of LZ's groupies. Xxx video adult com. Many people can say this, regardless of age, gender, and sexual orientation.

I pointed this out a couple of months ago on another DL thread, and the immediate response was "well the s were a wild times". That's just not true. Still a lot of ignorance here. Lori mattix nude. As the law is currently written in California, an year-old who has sex with his year-old high school sweetheart is committing statutory rape. This particular incident happened so long ago, and the woman it involved has always been so enthusiastic, that the prevailing reason of the time said: These groupies put themselves there specifically to have sex with famous rock stars!

I miss that group. He got into the tub, already filled with water, and asked me to wash him. The girl was 16! I knew but I kept my mouth shut. If you read interviews with fairly famous groupies like Laurie Mattix the girl lost her virginity to Bowie at 15 and Sable Starr, the large majority of them remember their time as groupies fondly and have no regrets about the things they did.

I can call him someone who did a monstrous thing, though. Joslyn james lesbian videos. It turns out that David Bowie may have had sex with an underage girl. Start and finish your day with the top stories from The Daily Beast. And one time in particular, we were all there in the hotel. OK going after little kids is wrong but when I was 13 I sure would have loved to have been fucking rockstars and I actually did chase adult men before I was Others, haven't heard of and I'm sure were notable back in the day, but they haven't stood the test of time so not on the same leve; Having said that, there is absolutely no proof that these guys had sex with these girls.

The Runaways stories that were covered last year showed the reality of how girls were treated in rock back then. Lori wasn't interested in Jimmy Page at first Running away was a major thing back then. He wouldn't play LA again until when she would have been The Led Zeppelin music was blaring. But she gets so obnoxious with that "muse" talk that I don't have much respect for her.

Everything about her was oversized: Some people wanted to stone me in the public square, but most expressed gratitude or relief.

Certain characteristics are desirable -- usually it's size and strength -- and that's other members of the species find appealing. So what happens then when a 14 year old boy has sex with a 15 year old girl? Anonymous May 30, at 2: The reality, now So much of our culture turns a blind eye or gleefully endorses the hypersexualizing of teen girls. Anonymous December 29, at 6:

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What a dumb fucking whore. Nude bhabhi fuck. This contrasts strongly with the Cosby situation, wherein the predator still clearly views his actions as viable. To me, this is ridiculous. They know how to make decisions. For all he might have known in his haze of drugs, these were just two fans that wanted to have sex with him and he never considered they might be under age.

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But just as we owe a victim a hearing when they call out this behaviour, we owe the accused a defence in the absence of a victim doing so. A humiliated Lori tried to get back together with Jimmy, but he continually snubbed her. Lori mattix nude. We have some pedo-hysterics visiting the DL lately and they are the most tedious of fraus. I am not saying that the Musicians, Actors, and the like are innocent.

I don't believe that BbB wrote that comment at R By the laws of my own county I was ready and fine to make those decisions. John Paul Jones must have seen it coming too because he jumped up and flipped someone off, Rodney I think. Nami naked pics. Jimmy first spotted her when an associate of his showed Jimmy a picture of Lori. I watched the Lazarus video yesterday- god, it was brilliant.

Then Tyla kicked Sables leg hard. Being just a kid she unfortunately mistook this for love and romance instead of abuse and control. It is, however, good for making people see you as an adult. It was different then. My great grandfather married my great grandmother at He was very respectful. Must we be left in a continuous state of punishment, unloved forever because of mistakes of the past? Unless the inside of the English Disco looks exactly the same?? Growing up as a queer kid and a bit of an oddball, it would have been hard to not feel a connection to him.

In the 70s there was the accepted societal view that if it's being offered up on a plate most men would partake. We had loads of fun, I don't think anyone felt taken advantage of.

Lori is quoted in the book as saying Page's current wife who he met as a teenager looks exactly like her and she takes pride in that. Lesbian contest porn. If he had tried to fuck a 14 year old girl there, he would have had the shit beaten out of him by the men in that community and been labelled a 'kiddie fiddler'.

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Kate upton nude horse video Today the age of consent ranges between 12 and 18 globally. There are pictures of her hanging out with the band the night she took off with Page. Parenting has changed a lot since the 60s as well and runaways and throwaways are no longer as common.
Naked piper fallout 4 Thanks I found it interesting If Wyman's son had married Mandy's mother, Mandy's stepson would also have been her stepfather. However, he ended up paying the girl off out of court and got the case dropped.
The nanny naked In the interest of full disclosure, I am a David Bowie fan.
Nude anorexic women But he regretted most of what he did in the seventies, that is what Ashes to Ashes is about. However, as noted in her own testimony, it was consensual and she has fond memories of it even now.
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