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She felt the muscles in Katara's left leg and right arm were tightened and ready to move. Ksenia solo naked. I'm going to do a flash fiction day at least once every month, and keep all the results here organized by date!

She smiled a little, cocking her head to one side and closing her eyes as the gentle rubbing continued. Katara and toph nude. As Katara climbed onto the ledge to dry herself, Toph wrung her hair, squeezing out all the excess water and leaving it hanging, planning to twist it into her usual bun in a few minutes.

The younger girl looked relieved, and took a step closer, her hands slowly traveling up to Katara's forehead and hairline. Based of the music video for the song "What's It Gonna Be" by Shura- a really great music video by the way! Just some short rambles of my one shot ideas. Sokka was laying on his back looking up at the sky, at the front of the saddle; Katara sat against the right of the it, looking down to the forest that they were currently over and Toph was also on the same side Katara was on, but with her arms pretty much wrapped around the edge of the saddle tightly.

Katara, Toph 1 Comment. Busty girls with giant erect cocks suck and fuck each other like real shemale sluts, masturbate their poles and take juicy cream pies on their faces, boobs and ass holes. Katara sat on a rock and watched as Aang practiced the complicated water blade flurry attack she had just taught him. Katara jumped a little in surprise, and Toph gently rubbed the swollen nub with her thumb, her face a curious combination of curiosity tinged with just a bit of hesitation, knowing that what she was doing was unorthodox.

Stained Red by dustywings Fandoms: Katara, Sokka 1 Comment Katara porn video trailer Katara starring in porn video! On their way to Ba Sing Sa, Katara spots a hot spring and convinces the others for a moment of relaxation.

Her fingers delicately danced along Katara's face, the pale fingertips traveling along the planes of dark skin. Huang shengyi nude pics. I can see how deep it is and even with the ledge you're sitting on, Most of my face would be under water if I sat down. Toph paused and nodded. She shivered a little as the small of her back was kneaded with the washcloth. It wasn't his fault, it was hers. Toph has a gift for Katara, but, of courseshe means nothing by it.

She could never truly love him like he wanted. Just In All Stories: He ran off because you started arguing with me and it made him uncomfortable, just like you always do. Toph cocked an eyebrow and laughed, "Yeah right Katara. Before she knew it, the Earthbender had wrapped her arms around her in a fierce hug. Other than the wrappings she wore when she worked with Aang on water bending she wore nothing.

Feel free to leave kink ideas, I may do multiple one shots for popular ships.

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Toph jiggled them slightly, her fingers squeezing experimentally.

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The blind girl blinked curiously. Money talks lesbian tube. Today they young and nasty! She noticed the swell of Katara's chest, something that her own was lacking in, and her fingers inadvertently stroked the nipples on their way southward. Her fingers trailed down the dark girl's throat, gently sliding along the collarbone.

You really think that? If it feels good, why stop it? Such Aang and Katara you have not seen. She could also sense Katara's presence from the earth, although it was a bit fuzzy because of the water. Her lips made contact with the bottom of Katara's nape, and it felt so warm and nice to her. Even though Toph would not know whether she was staring or not, it would be rude to take advantage of the girl's blindness.

Okay this is gonna be a Yuri Lemon with Katara and Toph. Toph felt awkward — which was rare for the blunt and hardheaded girl. There was a bit of silence at first, permeated only by ambient noise from the forest that surrounded them, and she was afraid that she had gone too far.

Her attention remained gentle though, and it seemed almost a surprise as Toph was usually so rough. She barely noticed when Toph slowly circled around, and her eyelids fluttered open when Toph's nose touched her own. Soft wet tits. Katara stroked Toph's hair for several moments, considering the Earthbender's words.

Toph smirked, "See he doesn't even want to finish his practicing here. Katara and toph nude. He'd rather go and eat some stupid nuts with Momo than work on his water bending. She wanted to be touched as well… it had felt good receiving the other girl's attention. She could never truly love him like he wanted. Awesome The last airbender hentai video from Toon Fan Club artists.

Toph shook her head. Toph held back a soft sigh of relief and her hands came up to cup her companion's breasts, massaging them gently. Angelina jolie nude sex videos. Several years ago at the end ofI imagined two small changes to canon: That's when I actually became something.

If the Earthbender had to describe it, she would call it fluttery and warm. At the end Katara gets cumshot on her pretty face. Katara saw Toph move her head's towards her own, but didn't think much of it, until their lips connected.

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