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For the record, I would say the same to someone who is straight and has there own agenda. Leah gotti nude. His pics are MUCH more explicit. These guys may be in a long term thing and theyve been tested as neg, or theyre both poz. Dustin black nude. His last message to me threatened to make our videos public to embarass me.

Thom Freeheart Now we know why his middle name is Lance. How we all love to tear each other down and tell the other how much better, smarter, more buff, more handsome, whatever, than the other. Remember the man is an academy award winning writer and understands the power of words. I know what you do in the bedroom is none of my business.

Is that too much to ask? More power to him…and lack of condom use aside, he has a good body. The whole issue over condoms is mostly about the odds regarding number of partners, type of activities, level of communication, testing, and many other things that we can not know. These same guys call anyone who disagree stupid too so I am not willing to be as judgment because circumstances do matter. Nikki benz lesbian threesome. Driving a car and taking the SAT exam actually takes more thought and energy.

But we are going on about it. Cam Big deal, this guy was already out. Both these guys might as well back the dick truck up. Only the most insidious political machine would have him as head of a herd of pigs. The issue is we do not know. You should be tested over a 6 month period to assure that they are true negatives.

And the douchebag who released these private moments to the public needs to be shunned like the pariah that he clearly is. Kevin Gotkin You should be ashamed of yourselves for even giving this story a platform to be heard.

I am not disputing wht you wrote because you consider the factual circumstances rather than this knee jerkism I see in most of thse comments. But, none of that matters because of the sex politics of the band of gays who want to treat being gay as something dirty. How do we go from discussing a guy who is dating someon to HIV in the porn industry? A lot of us have taped ourselves having sex with others or with ourselves.

F Hot, he should do Porn. He wins in both causes, gay rights and his wallet. Perfect mom tits. Only a handful are and virtually none past I am not puritanical. Who is by the way… Gorgeous!!! Lord O lord do I have loving memories of the piers, the Mine Shaft and Anvil bars and the sex that used to go on in them in plain view. Go away, you piece of shit.

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Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black's private photos of him having sex with an ex-boyfriend were posted on Perez Hilton. Sexy anime robot girl. He looks like a guy who barely escaped coming out as a Down Syndrome kid.

Those who say that bareback is always bad are either stupid or projecting their own promiscuity onto perfectly healthy gay couples. I was there at city hall the night that the riot broke out after our candle light march down Market Street from the Castro. You need to look in the mirror,a nd ask the peo down in Tennessee where they see you fitting on your oh so judgmental scale. What the hell does that mean? Cuz it will happen. The photos were never confirmed to be Sam, but you know what they say — silence speaks volumes.

When I ask people to compare this to a straight couple- would they argue the same of a long term relationship between straights. Dustin black nude. Give the guy a break… he just want someone to visit his blog and it clearly worked… So one point for "welovenudes"!

Fear without fact benefits no one. Dusty Does Tank have his own blog? Serial monogamists are quite at risk, too…. Dustin is doing exactly what most of the gay community does. Mary kay place tits. I sure miss the old days and have no shame about admitting I love bareback porn. Maybe Lance is cool with this getting out there???? How do they get themselves into relationships with people with such low morals as to leak such a thing? What an irresponsible and idiotic statement.

Bareback is fine just as it is with heterosexual couples. He is a hero to all of us and any gay person who dare criticize him is a total hypocrite… How many of us give head with a condom none? Why does it always have to be about HIV when it comes to unprotected sex? First you chastise DLB for being in an 'oh-so-scandalous' sex tape, make a reference to bareback sex and then proclaim he is 'cute as fuck'.

Give me a break. And get a better attitude, too…. Even if you have been in a monogamous relationship and are tested regularly.

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You need to raise the bar man. Bars closed,Bath houses, businesses. The Gay Numbers Rikard:

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