How long can I use the contact lenses for?

Our contact lenses can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time. The life span is usually up to one year.

Do you sell prescription contact lenses?

No, we do not sell prescription contact lenses at our website. Our contact lenses are purely for cosmetic purposes. 

How many contact lenses per box?

There are two contact lenses in each box. 

Do I need to consult an optometrist prior to using the lenses?

Yes, we recommend that you visit your local optometrist prior to using contact lenses. They are trained professionals who can instruct you on how to insert and remove contact lenses. 

Can I store the contact lenses in water?

No, water does not clean the contact lens. It will lead to a strong burning sensation (like someone has stuck their finger in your eye) when the contact is placed on the eye. Furthermore, water contains bacteria and microbes which actually cause damage to the contacts. Please use our special contact lens solution.

Can the contact lenses be shared with friends?

Absolutely NOT, this can lead to infection and is not recommended. 
Do you see things in colour when you wear colour contacts?No. Our colour contact lenses will change your eye colour, but will not affect how you see colours. 

Do the colour contacts look natural?

Yes. New technology used to produce colour contact lenses has improved dramatically. The contacts provide you with the natural look you desire by combining three colours on one contact lens, creating subtle, natural depth. 

Are your contact lenses soft or hard?

Our contact lenses are soft and flexible